Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Check These Out!

How good are these?!? I think they're fantastic! They're spray-paint renditions of a couple of the more famous of the NCoC images and have been created by Joe Iurato of Urban Climber magazine. Here's what he said about how he produces them:

“...aside from what I do at the mag, I'm also an artist (more of the street art variety) and have been recently asked to do a few nice shows. Well, I was just invited to do a major group exhibition in Berlin, and I wanted to use some of the photos from Night Climbers of Cambridge to base my spray painted canvasses on. Typically I take an image and recreate it by cutting and stenciling, with spray paint, several layers - until the image begins to form, and appears close to realistic. I am so inspired by that book and its images that I'd love to use some for this show.”

So judging by these tiny .jpegs I should imagine the show will be a huge success. Best of luck to you Joe! And, of course, thanks for spreading the Whipplesnaith word!