Saturday, 29 December 2007

'Quite Wonderful'

- the verdict from today's Daily Telegraph - fantastic; here's the full story. How's that for a great Christmas present? The story is also featured on Jenny Davidson's blog – many thanks Jenny. All this could only be equalled in felicitous favour if Night Climbers were to be top billing in a leading national magazine. Oh wait, what's this? Out today or tomorrow, I can hardly wait. In fact - either rush off and get your own or talk amongst yourselves for a while....

2007 has simply been fantastic. This time last year Whipplesnaith was just an idle thought - one of many that I have (idlings, not thoughts...). To think that the whole project only started in June, and we had the finished tome on bookshelves for the launch on the 26th October is incredible and wouldn't have been possible without the support and efforts of Ian and Hamish Symington. Since then it's been featured in mainstream national media like The Times and Telegraph, local like the Cambridge Evening News, Agenda etc and BBC Radio but also on the fringes with shouts in buildering groups and parkour sites, Urban Exploration forums like here, here, and here, as well as being lauded by the climbing communities – regular (features next month), and urban both in the UK and internationally. These are just a few of the people and groups who have welcomed, enjoyed and promoted this awesome book. Due to them, and all of you of course, it's been an expeditious and fulfilling experience and for that I'd like to offer my immense gratitude and sincere best wishes for 2008. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Felicitations or Commiserations...

...whichever way you prefer at this time of year. I myself am a little of both in relation to the consumerfest manifesting itself in these weeks. But I am in decidedly good cheer on another front because in the next few weeks Night Climbers is featured in one local paper, two national broadsheets, one national magazine and one international mag. Fantastic. I'll put the links up here when they happen.

The image above I found hilarious. It was sent by the talented, inspiring and exotic Fatos - cartoonist to the stars! I'm using it entirely without permission so I can look forward to her suing me - unless, of course, you buy lots of stuff from her now...

Thanks to all of you - we've sold thousands. I'm really grateful and want to wish all Whipplesnaith fans, young and old, near and far, the most idyllic and enjoyable Christmas. And on the big day I hope we all get what we deserve ;-P

Take care