Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Felicitations or Commiserations...

...whichever way you prefer at this time of year. I myself am a little of both in relation to the consumerfest manifesting itself in these weeks. But I am in decidedly good cheer on another front because in the next few weeks Night Climbers is featured in one local paper, two national broadsheets, one national magazine and one international mag. Fantastic. I'll put the links up here when they happen.

The image above I found hilarious. It was sent by the talented, inspiring and exotic Fatos - cartoonist to the stars! I'm using it entirely without permission so I can look forward to her suing me - unless, of course, you buy lots of stuff from her now...

Thanks to all of you - we've sold thousands. I'm really grateful and want to wish all Whipplesnaith fans, young and old, near and far, the most idyllic and enjoyable Christmas. And on the big day I hope we all get what we deserve ;-P

Take care


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Ame said...




I'm jazzed at your sales numbers N! And am slowly making my way thru the book...very interesting!!! ;)

Hope you had a Merry Xmas your cute little self!