Monday, 29 October 2007


Hi folks. It was a great success - what can I say but thanks to everyone. Over the course of the evening over 100 people turned up and most bought a copy of the book. Thanks to everyone who was there and to all who couldn't make it but sent their best wishes. Of course - the main attraction was Nares:

who, at 90, was fit as a fiddle and could probably have climbed St John's again - after all, he was only 20 yards from it once again! A really nice chap who spent hours talking to everyone and signed stacks of books. People had even brought their copies of the original and got him to sign that as well as the new one.

Here, he was forced to be photographed with (from the right) Ian Symington - Whipplesnaith's son, Hamish Symington great-nephew and designer of the new edition, and some weird bloke who kept forcing himself into everyone's pictures...;-p

Photography thanks to Ben Watkins.

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A said...

Got my copy autographed and in the mail to Cali-4-NYE-AAAA yet Cutie Patootie??? ;)))

Yesterday would have been the PERFECT day to start reading....on Hollow Weenie!!! LOL!