Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Cover Uncovered

“...offers an illicit method of entry into his college. Furthermore, a genteel way which he can use without soiling his knees and elbows, should he be in evening dress.”

I am very proud to unveil the new cover. Using the same picture as on the original (in fact, using the same negative!) we've kept it simple and slightly 'modern-moody' to make a distinctive and visually arresting front for maximum shelf-appeal. Oh, and it's uber-cool too. The chap shown climbing St. John's College main gate is the original author, the pseudonymous Whipplesnaith, and I'm delighted to report that by artful happenstance his new public exposure has been designed by his great-nephew who, serendipitously, lives and works just around the corner.

The countdown ticks by, quietly gathering momentum; there's only a couple of months left and with a lot of internet interest, the first pre-orders already in, a couple of early take-ups by bookshops and at least one guaranteed broadsheet review, I'm feeling mildly optimistic that ol' Whipplesnaith may find his re-emergence into public life a well-received one. To help him scale the heights once again go here to get publication updates and visit here to be sure of being one of the first to receive a copy of the 70th Anniversary Edition (at a discount no less!)

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